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  • Cranberry Glow Green

    A gorgeous blend of green tea, cranberries and dried fruits.

  • Sweet Orange Green

    Chinese Young Hyson Green Tea flavored with sweet orange and sprinkled with dried orange peel results in a sweet, refreshing delight.

  • Vanilla Mint Sencha Green

    Made by our master tea blender, sweet sencha is paired with mint, vanilla and citrus notes reminiscent of a vanilla wafer. Its delicious and refreshing taste is well sipped alone or as a delightful drink to accompany any meal.

  • Ceylon Kenilworth Black

    A satisfying standalone black tea, this richly robust Kenilworth Ceylon needs nothing to complement its full-bodied stature. This tea is best served hot or as a strong iced black tea.

  • Coconut Rush Black

    Rich, malty Assam black tea blends smoothly with subtle grassy flavors of Organic South American Yerba Mate, providing the perfect base for our newly featured flavor, coconut. Sprinkled with shreds of real coconut and empowered by the awakening nature of Yerba Mate, this tea is a smooth and delightful way to start any day.

  • Irish Breakfast

    A traditional blend of Indian and Chinese black teas, yet brews a stronger, maltier cup than that of English Breakfast.

  • Lapsang Souchong

    Lapsang Souchong creates a smooth, distinguished finish with a lasting impression. This black tea is originally from the Wuyi region of the Chinese province of Fujian. The tea leaves acquire their intensely smoky flavor when they are dried over a smoldering pine fire, and the result brings a memory of sitting by the campfire with friends or family. Because the larger-leaf varieties have less caffeine than other black teas, Lapsang Souchong makes a popular choice for evening consumption.

  • Spicy Pear Black

    A vibrant black Assam tea combines with cinnamon chips and pear to create a delicious, full bodied smooth tea. Its spicy notes are reminiscent of fall afternoons, and sips of this piquant tea will warm the spirit and enliven the mind.

  • Shou Mei White

    White tea, considered by many tea experts to be the finest tea on earth, comes primarily from the Fujian Province in China. It is very lightly processed with sunlight and low temperatures. A standard grade Chinese Tea, ShouMei White with its downy silver tipped leaves has a sweet, floral aroma and a mild, smooth, lightly sweet, pale yellow liquor.

  • Citrus Hibiscus

    This lovely and colorful blend of hibiscus, rose hips, lemon grass, orange peel and rooibos infuses a ruby red herbal with a refreshing citrus and tart flavor with light spice tones. Excellent over ice.