Harvest Cafe Coffee & Tea

Welcome! Make yourself right at home! We are proud to offer organic as well as conventional and flavored coffees, teas, and more. If you have any questions just ask!!

from 6.93
Auntie's Pumpkin Pie
from 5.27
Blackberry Sage
from 3.94
Black Broken Iced Tea
from 2.63
Casablanca Earl Grey.JPG
Casablanca Earl Grey
from 4.40
Ceylon Kenilworth Black.JPG
Ceylon Kenilworth Black
from 6.19
Liquid Chai.JPG
Chai Liquid
Chai Premium.JPG
Chai Premium
from 6.30
Cinnamon Orange Spice Black.JPG
Cinnamon Orange Spice Black
from 3.94
Coconut Rush Black.JPG
Coconut Rush Black
from 5.63
Darjeeling 2nd Flush.JPG
Darjeeling 2nd Flush
from 9.93
Earl Grey.JPG
Earl Grey
from 3.94
English Breakfast.JPG
English Breakfast
from 4.88
Almond Paridise Green.jpg
Almond Paradise Green
from 6.46
Blood Orange Herbal.JPG
Blood Orange Herbal
from 5.87
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong.JPG
Monkey Picked Tie Kuan Yin
from 12.13
Cinnamon Orange Spice Rooibos.JPG
Cinnamon Orange Spice Rooibos
from 4.07
Blueberry Strawberry White Tea.JPG
Blueberry Strawberry White
from 7.13
Four Horsemen Black.JPG
Four Horsemen Black
from 6.62
Ginger Peach Black.JPG
Ginger Peach Black
from 3.94
Holiday Black.JPG
Holiday Black
from 3.22
Irish Breakfast.JPG
Irish Breakfast
from 5.97
Lapsang Souchong.JPG
Lapsang Souchong
from 4.59
Mango Black.JPG
Mango Black
from 3.94
Mango Black DECAF.JPG
Mango Black DECAF
from 8.30
Passionfruit Black.JPG
Passionfruit Black
from 3.94
Prickly Pear Black.JPG
Prickly Pear Black
from 3.94
Snowflake Black.JPG
Snowflake Black
from 5.90
Spicy Pear Black.JPG
Spicy Pear Black
from 6.07
Sweet Serenitea.JPG
Sweet Serenitea
from 5.27
Vanilla Black.JPG
Vanilla Black
from 3.94
Cherry Green.JPG
Cherry Green
from 3.94
Sencha Green.JPG
Chinese Sencha Green
from 3.91
Cranberry Glow.JPG
Cranberry Glow Green
from 5.87
Gundpowder Green.JPG
Gunpowder Green
from 3.50
Zesty Lemon Green.JPG
Lemon Green
from 3.94
Mango Green.JPG
Mango Green
from 3.94
Matcha, Choice Grade.JPG
Matcha Choice Grade Green
from 50.72
Moroccan Mint Green.JPG
Moroccan Mint
from 5.00
Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green.JPG
Raspberry Vanilla Mint
from 3.89
Sweet Orange Green.JPG
Sweet Orange Green
from 3.94
Vanilla Mint Sencha Green.JPG
Vanilla Mint Sencha
from 4.51
Walnut Green.JPG
Walnut Green
from 6.46
Chamomile Herbal
from 5.10
Citrus Hibiscus Herbal.JPG
Citrus Hibiscus
from 4.07
Holiday Herbal.JPG
Holiday Herbal
from 3.34
Island Berry Herbal.JPG
Island Berry Herbal
from 4.85
Prickly Pear Herbal.JPG
Prickly Pear Herbal
from 4.50
Raspberry Herbal.JPG
Raspberry Herbal
from 5.11
Relaxing Mint Herbal.JPG
Relaxing Mint
from 3.77
Seven Seas Herbal.JPG
Seven Seas Herbal
from 5.59
Tropical Sunshine Herbal.JPG
Tropical Sunshine Herbal
from 4.32
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong.JPG
Ti Kuan Yin Oolong
from 12.13
Rooibos Herbal.JPG
Herbal Rooibos
from 2.96
Madagascar Coconut White.JPG
Madagascar Coconut White
from 7.13
Plum Blossom White.JPG
Plum Blossom White
from 7.13
Shou Mei White.JPG
Shou Mei White
from 6.41
Sweet Peach White.JPG
Sweet Peach White
from 7.13