Harvest Cafe Coffee & Tea

We will be closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays on Friday, December 22nd, and will not return until Tuesday, January 2nd. Merry Christmas to you an yours and Happy New Year!! We look forward to serving the same great products in 2018 you have come to know and love!

Who We Are

Harvest Café Coffee & Tea is committed to providing our customers with the finest roasted coffees at the very peak of freshness. Our Roastmaster has perfected the fine art of selecting only the very finest green coffees from all over the globe, and small batch roasting them to release the distinctive characteristics of each origin of coffee. Even the most discriminating palate will savor the aroma, flavor and intensely gratifying experience of a freshly roasted cup of Harvest Café Coffee & Tea coffee.

At our Indianapolis, Indiana roastery, our staff is trained and dedicated to a very high standard of exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Whether you plan to brew or roast coffees in the peaceful confines of your home, or just stop by to enjoy a cup of our premium coffee of the day, we will make every effort to answer any questions and assist you with your selections. For the novice coffee drinker or the coffee lover, Harvest Café Coffee & Tea is an experience unlike any other. We invite you to taste the difference for yourself!

Our goal is to implement higher standards for Specialty Coffees whether green, roasted, or brewed. In addition, Harvest Café Coffee & Tea is dedicated to providing educational materials and programs intended to help our customers better appreciate the quality coffees, teas, and our other fine products.

Return/Refund Policy

Return/Refund Policy:
All returns and refunds are issued at Harvest Café Coffee discretion. At times like new items in the original box may receive refund. Used items will not be issued a refund.

Our Back Order Policy:
If we are out of stock on an item that you ordered, either merchandise or coffee, our policy is to hold your order and contact you about any delays. You can then decide to make substitutions or delete the item. We don't ship partial orders. With merchandise, we rely on our suppliers to tell us when an item ought to be back in stock, but we have no control over when it will actually arrive. We do our best to keep folks informed in case of delays and if there is an item out of stock, we will always notify you by email.

Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days. Allow 2 extra days if order is placed over weekend and holidays. We use USPS Priority Mail. We reserve the right to not ship certain orders. You will be contacted if your order cannot be shipped.


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